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Follow the Log In/Sign Up link at the top right of this page to register as a Consignor.

You can tag anytime! Our tagging site is open year-round, so get a jump start on your tagging. Before you begin, please read the information on the Merchanding Prep webpage for complete instructions on how to package and tag your items.

Only items tagged with your Universal Consignor Number (UCN) - the new style consignor number we began to use in 2012 - will be accepted at JBF Fort Worth.  If you have items with the old style consignor number, you will need to retag those items.  This is a good time to consider adjusting the price lower if these items haven't sold at previous events.

Consignors at JBF Fort Worth make 60% on their items that sell.  Consignors who volunteer make 70% on their sold items and get to shop early.  The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop!  There is a $12.50 consignor fee that is paid through Eventbrite.com (click HERE to register and pay the fee).  Paying with registration saves you money as those who choose to have the fee taken from their consignor check will pay $17.50. (You still have to do the online registration to register as a consignor too!) If you register and pay your Consignor Fee before July 12, 2015 at 11 pm, JBF will cover the small service fee that Eventbrite charges (it is a fee less than $2).  Consignor checks are sent about 2 weeks after the end of the sale.

We are pleased to be selling Tagging Gun Kits and hangers again this year.  Please check the details on the Merchandise Preparation area of this webpage for dates and times for selling.



Wednesday, September 2, 2015
4 pm to 10 pm

Thursday, September 3, 2015
8 am to 3 pm
(Consignors must be checked in by 3 pm.  All Drop off must be completed by 4 pm.  If you are unable to finish by 4 pm, please make plans to come earlier in the day or to our Mid-Sale Drop Off.)


Sunday, September 6, 2015
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


This is for any consignor who was unable to volunteer and for ALL who have a Consignor Guest Pass (each consignor is issued one Consignor Guest Pass at Drop Off).  Consignors and their one Guest do not have to enter the sale at the same time. 

Friday, September 4, 2015
6 pm to 10 pm

If you decide to Volunteer to shop earlier, we will exchange your Consignor Presale Pass for the appropriate Volunteer Presale Pass based on how many hours you are able to volunteer. There are no Guest Passes for the Volunteer Presales.


For all consignors who were unable to bring items on 9/2/15 or 9/3/15, and therefore unable to shop the first Presales, we have a special 1/2 Price Presale just for you!  Those consignors will receive one Consignor Pass and one Consignor Guest Pass good for:

Friday, September 11, 2015
7:30 pm to 10:30 pm


Want to shop earlier?  CLICK HERE for more information!



Sunday, September 13, 2015
5 pm to 8 pm

20 Hour, 16 Hour, and 12 Hour Volunteers have the option of picking up one hour early at 4 pm on 9/13. 

Any items remaining at 8 pm will be donated to one of our Charity Partners.

Checks will be mailed about two weeks after the end of the sale.

First time Selling?

If you have never been a consignor with Just Between Friends Fort Worth, please take a moment to check out the CONSIGNOR FAQ section which covers tagging tips to help make the most money on your items that sell.

Everything you need to know about being a consignor is on our website, but if after you have looked over the website, you still have questions, there are a couple of things you can do.  We can hook you up with a Consignor Mentor.  This is an experienced consignor and volunteer who can help answer your questions and help you understand how to prepare your items.  If you would like to be matched with a Consignor Mentor, please email Joanie@JBFSale.com.  You may also wish to attend one of our JBF101 "How To" Conference Calls (times listed below).  From the comfort of your own home, you can call into a free conference call and get all of your JBF questions answered.

JBF101 "How To" Conference Call Schedule - Call in and get your JBF questions answered!

Join us for an informal conference call where we will go over how to prepare and tag all different kinds of items for the sale and answer any JBF questions you have.  We want you to have a great JBF experience and no question is too small to ask!

  • Thursday night, July 30th, 9 pm to 10 pm
  • Wednesday night, August 12th, 9 pm to 10 pm
  • Tuesday night, August 25th, 9 pm to 10 pm

Instructions on how to call into the FREE conference call will be posted on our Facebook page.  If you do not have Facebook, please email Joanie at least an hour before the conference call so she can get the information to you.  We truly want to help you be the most successful consignor you can be.  We want to help you in any way that we can.  Anytime that you are unable to find an answer to your question on our website, please do not hesitate to email or call Joanie.  These are YOUR items, YOUR money, and YOUR sale, and we want to help you make the most of it.

Special Sale Information: Mommy Mart

At the Fort Worth sale, we are pleased to have space to have our Mommy Mart area for furniture items from the rest of your house (not just from your children's rooms).

We gladly accept the following items in good condition:

  • dining room/dinette sets
  • bookcases/entertainment centers
  • coffee tables/end tables
  • bedroom sets
  • dressers/chest of drawers/armoires
  • desks
  • porch furniture (wicker, rocker, porch swing)
  • NEW "Daddy Mart" - we will gladly accept NEW/UNUSED (preferably in the unopened box) items like grills, tools, workbenches, etc.  PLEASE email Joanie about your item before you bring it to check for acceptability.  These MUST be NEW and UNUSED items to be accepted in Daddy Mart.


We are unable to take the following items in our Mommy Mart section at the Fort Worth sale:

  • antiques
  • upholstered chairs and couches (the only exception is dining room chairs that go with a set), unless of course they are children's chairs or a rocker/glider which don't fall in the Mommy Mart section
  • exercise equipment
  • lamps, knick knacks, figurines
  • electronics (TV's, VCR's, DVD players, etc.)
  • kitchen/household appliances
  • floral arrangements and holiday decorations
  • dishes
  • TV trays
  • pictures
  • mattress sets (except crib and toddler and twin bed mattresses)
  • luggage


If you have a question about the acceptability of your item, please call or email Joanie@JBFSale.com ahead of time to check before you go to the effort to bring it down to the sale.

We cannot guarantee that we will have enough volunteers available to help you get the item from your car into the Exhibit Hall when you arrive, so please bring your own "muscle" and dolly or cart to get your item in and set up.

If you have more than 400 items, you are welcome to book a 400+ Drop Off appointment, but we do have a limited availability of appointment times. Perhaps the Valet Drop Off service is for you! Follow the link to the left for more information.



The better your clothes look (and smell), the higher your sales will be!

Perfect Inspection! What is it? It is a way that we are rewarding consignors who did not have any rejected items from the previous sale.  If you are willing to spend the time at home making sure your items are perfect, AND none of them are pulled during Inspection OR during the sale, we will reward you by allowing you to skip the Inspection process (except for shoes) at the next event! Those who achieved Perfect Inspection at the last sale will be notified when they check in at the computers at this sale.

Be sure to check out the video library on the Sell Page.

Here are a few suggestions to help make your items the best that they can be:

  • Clip loose threads, zip zippers, button buttons.
  • Iron your items for the freshest look.
  • Have your items been in storage?  Freshen them up with Febreeze or hang them outside for a day.

Besides needing a computer and printer to prepare your tags on our online tagging system, here is a list of things you will need:

White Card Stock for your tags (no colored card stock) - Do not use plain paper. The tag will pull off of your item.
Hangers - Child or Adult sized hangers, depending on the size of clothes you are preparing.
Clear Packing Tape (PLEASE SEE CHANGE BELOW!!!) - Do not use scotch tape, masking tape, or duct tape.  Please make sure when you put your tags on the items, that the item will not be damaged when the tape is removed by the buyer.  If you think it will damage the item, please find another way to tag the item.  NEW METHOD!!!  We recommend using blue painter's tape on books and items that might be damaged.  Contact Joanie for suggestions.
Scissors - A paper cutter is good if you have one, but not necessary
Ziploc Bags - You will use several sizes of these for many different items
Ribbon, string, or zip ties - Keeps shoes and multi-pieced items together
Safety Pins - Size 2 (1 1/2 inch) pins are the best sizes to use.  Be careful with larger than Size 2 pins as they may damage the item.
Plastic wrap - for puzzles

Remember, one of the keys to selling your items is to have them prepared and tagged properly. Following these guidelines will help you make more money at JBF!

1. You must tag all items using our online tagging and barcoding system. Access is through your My JBF Profile once you sign up online. Please be sure to use white cardstock only.

2. Please make sure that your Universal Consignor Number (UCN) is correct on every tag. You may find your consignor number on the sign up page or on your confirmation email you received when you registered. We will no longer accept tags with old consignor numbers - all tags must now begin with a letter.

3.  If you want to donate your unsold items at the end of the sale, choose  "donate" when setting up options in the tagging site. Any items not picked up during Consignor Pick Up times will be donated.

4. You set your own price on all items. Price to sell! Generally items sell for 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price, depending on brand and condition. Better brand names and unique items usually bring more. Ask yourself, "What would I pay for this item?"  Our best advice is to price your items 1/4 to 1/3 of the original retail price. If you need some suggestions in pricing, click HERE for a general pricing guide.  Because there is so much infant (0-12 months) clothing, we suggest pricing these items closer to 1/4 of retail.

*$3 rule: clothing items must be priced for a minimum of $3. If one item would not meet this amount, pair it with something else so that it can be tagged for at least $3. (ie: a shirt can be paired with another shirt in the same size OR with pants/skirt).  Make sure you are pairing same sized items.

5. If you decide to NOT let your item be reduced in price, it will print a star on the tag. This tells the shopper that the item will remain Full Price throughout the sale. Please be selective on the items that you star, since items with no stars tend to sell better on the discount days. If you are donating your items at the end of the sale, please do not choose for your item to remain full price.

6. Tag Location: Clothes must be hung with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it (Make a question mark with the hanger). See graphic on the Sell page. For clothing items over $10.00, to keep your tag more securely attached to your hanging item, we recommend placing clear packing tape over the safety pin once it is attached to the item. This makes the tag more difficult to remove from the item and cuts down on theft. You may do this on any item, it is not required, but just secures your tag. See below for notes about tag placement if you use a tagging gun.

7. With the exception of maternity clothing, at the February/March sale, we only accept Spring/Summer Clothing.  At the August/September sale, we only accept Fall/Winter Clothing.  We accept ALL seasons of maternity clothes at all sales.  We accept ALL seasons of shoes at all sales.  We accept sizes Preemie through 18/20 for boys and Preemie through Junior sizes 5/Small for girls.  Shoes size 0 through adult size 7 are accepted.

***Two important reminders.  Just because we accept sizes of clothing and shoes that you may have worn as an adult, we are still a children's consignment event.  The only adult clothing we will accept is materinity clothing.  Secondly, keep in mind that even though we accept off-season shoes and maternity clothing, they will not likely sell as well.

8. Hanging Instructions: To prevent items from falling off the hangers, please use appropriate sized hangers.  If an item tends to slip off the hanger, please reinforce it by using extra safety pins.
* Clothes must be hung with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it (Make a question mark with the hanger).
* Safety pin clothing sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.
* Safety pin through BOTH pieces AND through the hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).
* Please safety pin pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.

*No clothing that could be hung may be placed in Ziploc bags. This means all onsies, sleepers, pajamas, etc. must be hung up. Items such as socks may still be placed in a Ziploc bag since they cannot be hung up.

9. Hangers: Child-sized hangers can sometimes be found at local retail establishments, but often they are difficult to find.  We are pleased that one of our consignors has purchased bulk hangers and is selling them in sets of 50 for $9.  She will be selling them when we have our Tagging Gun Kit sales.  Dates/times/locations are listed on the Merchandise Preparation portion of the "Sell" webpage.

10. Loose Items:  Bibs, cloth diapers, bottles, small toys, bows, socks, etc. must be in clear Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag with the top taped shut with clear packing tape.This prevents 'little' hands from reaching in. Blankets sell better if they are hung over a pant hanger. Be sure to put a safety pin on them so they don't fall off the hanger.

11. Shoes:
One of our goals with JBF is to be the BEST in the consignment business. When you are preparing your shoes for the sale, we encourage you to be picky with what you bring to JBF. All shoes will be inspected at Drop Off. You will stay with your shoes while they are inspected. Shoes that do not pass Inspection will be returned to you at Shoe Inspection. No shoes will be put out on the selling floor by consignors but will be done by volunteers after Drop Off has been completed.

Preparing Your Shoes:
• Tie the shoelaces together or use ribbon, string, or zip ties to secure your shoes together. If they come apart, they will not sell.
• Attach your tag with a safety pin around the ribbon or through the laces.
• If there is nothing on the shoe to run a ribbon through, you may put them in a Ziploc bag.
• Shoes and laces must be in excellent condition or they will not pass Inspection.
• Leave your shoe boxes at home as the shoes and boxes always get separated during the sale.

Shoes we accept:
• All seasons of shoes will be accepted at all saels events.  No shoes over size 7 will be accepted (size 7's that a 12 year old would wear - not baby size 7).
• Tennis shoes in near perfect condition. We will be very picky (they do not have to be brand new, but look like new).
• Most athletic cleats (specifically for soccer, football and baseball) that are clean and in good condition, even if they show a little wear.
• Dance, tap and ballet shoes.
• Dressy "Sunday" shoes (without obvious scuff marks)

Shoes we are unable to accept:
• Shoes that look worn or have any sign of dirt or debris. (please don't even go to the trouble to tag them, as we will not accept them)
• Shoes over size 7 (adult size 7).

12. Tagging toys and equipment with multiple items: This applies to very few items at our sale. For items with multiples pieces that cannot be all in one box or bag, put a tag on each piece. Example: child's table and 4 chairs or an adult bedroom set that is being sold as a set that cannot be connected together would have multiple tags-one with the price only on one tag.
* Prepare one tag on the online barcoding system.  This tag will be the only one with a price on it.  THIS IS THE ONLY TIME WE ALLOW HAND-WRITTEN TAGS!  On this first tag, hand-write in "1 of X" where "X" is the total number of items in the group. 
* Each other piece (that cannot be attached to the main piece) needs to have a hand-written tag on it with your consignor number, the item description, and "2 of X", "3 of X", etc.  These tags can be prepared on tag-sized pieces of card stock or on 3 x 5 cards.
* Put the price on the first tag ONLY. Please do not put the price on any other tags.
* Only use multiple tags for items that belong together.
* Please do not do this for clothing items.

Acceptable Items:
* Dress Up/Costumes
* For the Spring sale, we accept Shorts, Jeans & Pants (No specifically winter or holiday fabrics).  For the Fall sale, we accept Shorts, Jeans & Pants (No specifically summery/lightweight shorts.)  These seasonal guidelines do not apply to maternity clothing.
* Uniform Shorts/Skirts/Tops are accepted at all sales.
* We do accept Long & short sleeve shirts at both sales, but in the Spring, we do not accept winter-weight or holdiay design fabrics.  In the Fall, we do not accept summer-weight or style fabrics. 
*Light Coats - from wind breakers to light sweaters - are accepted at the Spring sale.
* Shoe, Boot, and Sandal guidelines mentioned above.
* Toys
* Baby Equipment
* ALL children's furniture unless recalled
* Kid Books
* Games, Movies, DVD's. Please remember that we do not accept R rated movies or Mature rated video games.
* Kids Room Decor
* ANYTHING that has to do with raising a newborn to a pre-teen!

Unacceptable Items:
* Drop-Side Cribs
* Recalled Items   Click here to go to our Recall and Safety Page.
* Out of season clothing (see guidelines above) with the exception of maternity clothing that we will accept all seasons for at all sales events.
* BEDDING- No full sized bedding or larger is accepted
* Adult Home Decor
* Adult books unless they are on pregnancy, childbirth, or child rearing. 
* Stained, Torn, or Broken Items
*Used underwear

We will not accept clothing with the smell of smoke.  If you have items like this, we recommend putting your clothes outside or in the garage for a week before the sale to help dissipate the smell.

Tagging Gun Tagging Tips and Guidelines

When using a tagging gun, please follow a few simple guidelines to tag your items as Tagging gun needles will leave a hole in most fabrics it put directly through the fabric which will cause the item to be rejected at Inspection during Consignor Drop Off.

If the item has a manufacturer's tag, please tag through it.  If the item does not have a tag, place the barb through the left underarm or waistband/pocket seam on the item, so when you hold the shirt in front of you with the hanger facing left like a question mark, the tag will be on the right side.

Paying attention to these simple details when tagging will prevent undesirable holes in your items, make it easy for shoppers to see the price of your items and hopefully buy your things for their family!!

Special to the FORT WORTH SALE:

At the Fort Worth sale, we have a few specific things that we ask you to do that may be different from the other area events.  Please take a moment to look over these guidelines.



  1. White card stock.  Please do not use colored card stock as it does not scan well when your item sells.  Please do not use plain paper because the tag will rip off and we do not sell items without tags.
  2. Scissors or papercutter.
  3. Hangers - child or adult sized depending on the size of clothes you are preparing.  Our preference is wire hangers but we encourage you to use what you have.  Check below for information on where to find hangers. We will be selling hangers at our JBF 101's as well as some other times.
  4. Clear packing tape.  Do not use scotch tape, masking tape, or duct tape.  Please make sure when you put your tags on the items, that the item will not be damaged when the tape is removed by the buyer.  NEW ITEM!!!  Please use blue painter's tape on books or other items that might be damaged when packing tape is used. Contact Joanie for suggestions on tagging if you cannot figure out how to tag without damaging the item.
  5. Zip ties, curling ribbon.
  6. Safety pins (1 1/2" is the recommended size) or tagging gun.  Place tagging gun barbs through the manufacturer's tag when possible.  If there isn't a tag, place the barb through an underarm or waistband seam.  Any barbs placed in the middle of the fabric will cause damage to the item and it will not pass Inspection.
  7. Ziploc bags in a variety of sizes.
  8. Plastic wrap for puzzles.



At Drop Off, you will take your items through Inspection.  Our inspectors will be very strict as they check for any stains, holes, tears, seasonal clothing, and missing buttons.  Please help us maintain our reputation for great clothing by only bringing your best. 

  1. Junior Sizes through 5/Small only.
  2. The hanger must point to the left and make the shape of a question mark when you are looking at the item as shown in the drawing on this webpage.
  3. If a clothing item can be hung, please hang it.  This applies to onsies, pajamas, costumes, etc.  Clothing accessories like socks and belts do not have to be hung.
  4. With the exception of maternity clothing that we accept all seasons at all sales, at our Spring/Summer sale, we will accept long sleeved shirts and long pants, but no heavy fabrics or holiday wear.  At our Fall/Winter sale, we will accept short sleeved shirts and shorts, but not obviously summer items like tank tops, Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, or swim suits.  Let this be your guide:  If you would purchase this item to wear in Fort Worth during the 6 months after the sale, then bring it on!
  5. Don't forget the $3 rule.  If your single item cannot be marked for $3, pair it with another same-sized item or make an outfit.  This $3 minimum tag price applies ONLY to hanging clothing.
  6. Maternity item limit of 15 tagged items per consignor.  (Pants and a blouse tagged together count as 1 item.)  Bring only your best - outdated maternity clothing will not sell.  ALL seasons of maternity clothing are accepted at all sales.
  7. For higher priced items, a piece of packing tape over the safety pin is added security.


We are very picky about shoes at the Fort Worth sale because we know that no one wants to purchase soiled and scuffed shoes.  All shoes will be inspected during Drop Off so please be very picky.  A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can do wonders for scuffs on the toes.

  1. No shoes in ziploc bags unless there is absolutely no way to attach them together.  Tie the laces together or use string/yarn/ribbon/zip ties to secure the shoes together.  If they separate, they won't sell.
  2. Attach the tag with a safety pin through the laces or around the ribbon.
  3. No shoe boxes!  The only exception is the boxes/bags that infant or Robeez type shoes come in.
  4. We do not limit the number of shoes you can bring but please be picky and bring only your best.
  5. Make sure the laces are also clean and in good shape.
  6. We accept ALL seasons of shoes at all sales.
  7. We will not accept shoes over size 6 (big kid size 7, not baby size 7).
  8. Don't forget ballet and tap shoes.


  1. If it requires batteries, make sure they are in the item.  Check the Dollar Store for inexpensive batteries.
  2. Check all of your items to make sure they have not been recalled.  It is illegal for a consignor to sell a recalled item.
  3. All toys and equipment must have all of their pieces.
  4. Only name-brand stuffed animals or those with batteries (must be included) are allowed.


  1. We are pleased to be able to accept all nursery bedding and twin-sized children's bedding.  No sizes over twin will be accepted unless it is a full size but specfically for children - yes to a Princess comforter but no to a general denim one. No king sizes at all.
  2. According to State of Texas Bedding Laws, we will be spraying all bedding items with a germicidal spray.  This requires no extra work on your part.  We will take care of this when you bring your item to Drop Off.
  3. Please use a clear plastic comforter bag or a large, clear garbage sack to package your bedding.  Be very specific on your tag about what items are included in the bag.


As mentioned above, if you have to purchase hangers, we encourage you to purchase child-sized wire hangers.   We will be selling hangers and tagging gun kits several times before the sale and information can be found on the website when those times are. 

For larger sized children's clothes, you may use adult-sized wire hangers (dry cleaner hangers) and you may crimp the "arms" of the hanger in if they seem too long for the item.

Check out our video library with easy-to-follow instructions and tips to make the most money for your items! Various item preparations are covered to take the guesswork out of your tagging.

Video #1: Tagging Supplies Needed

Video #2:  How to Tag Clothing

Video #3:  How to Tag Shoes

Video #4:  Tagging Large Items

Video #5:  Tagging Multiple Pieced Items

Video #6:  Tagging Books, Puzzles, Videos

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  Even though this Video #6 shows you how to tag VHS videos, those items are no longer accepted at JBF Fort Worth.  We also now accept girls' junior sizes through Size 3/4.  ALSO!!!!  Please use blue painters' tape on books or any items where the tape will damage the item.

Do you have a bunch of great things you would like to sell but you just don't have time to get them tagged?  Well Drop-N-Go Tagging is for you!

We have two options. 

PreSort Option:

  1. You collect your items making sure they are in clean and working order.  There is a small fee if you have more than 10 stained items.
  2. You contact Joanie@JBFSale.com.  We will